Typical Session. Treatment Room 4

What happens during my Reflexology treatment?

**A typical session takes between 60 - 70 minutes.
First a chat / update about what has happened since last treatment while you soak your feet in a comforting foot spa.

You will relax in a comfortable reclining chair, blankets are made available to keep you lovely and warm. Soft, calming music will play and the scent of relaxing essential oils will fill the room.

You will need to remove your socks and shoes as the treatment is carried out on bare feet.

**Please note at the initial appointment I will need to take a full medical history & record any medication you are taking, so please allow an extra 15-20 minutes to facilitate this. It is a Legal Requirement but it also gives me time to research your conditions & plan your personalised treatment for your next appointment.
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Typical Session. Relax 2019

Relax & Unwind

Walk into a calming relaxing environment and be uninterrupted by anything for over an hour.

It is your treatment and what happens is always your choice I will be guided by you on the day:-
Simply close your eyes and relax
Or perhaps a bit of both

The choice is always yours for you to get the most benefit from each session
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Nerve Reflexology For Pain

Nerve Reflexology uses the nerve reflex points to help manage pain in the body especially lower back and neck pain. This uses a different technique to traditional Reflexology. It uses static pressure on the bones of your feet for a short time. It is complex to explain in writing as it interacts with the body by giving stronger stimulus to the nerve endings than you would normally have. It is proving to be very effective over a period of time in reducing the impact of pain on your body. I will incorporate Nerve Reflexology techniques where I feel it will be beneficial and this is always combined with traditional Reflexology to allow you to relax and unwind.
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