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Based in Hasland Chesterfield

Latest Government Update August 2021

Although the Government has made changes to the Covid Guidelines regarding the rules around compulsory mask-wearing to keep all my clients as safe as possible both myself & my clients will still be wearing masks in my treatment room.

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Coronavirus CV - 19 Secure Workplace

The AoR Covid-19 Secure Workplace Policy Logo is there to offer you assurance that your reflexologist is following Government advice, strict AoR Hygiene Guidelines & the AoR Covid-19 Secure Workplace Policy demonstrating they are working responsibly and safely during these unprecedented times.

What is Reflexology

“Reflexology is a complementary therapy. It targets reflex areas in the hands and feet that correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. Stimulating these reflex areas properly has been shown to help many health problems in a natural way."

Reflexology aims to help your body & mind function at their optimal level. By helping induce relaxation and reducing stress levels can help improve both your Physical & Emotional Well-Being

The effects of stress on our health and well-being are often underestimated. Recent studies have shown how much of a negative effect stress has on our health and some GP's and Medical Professionals are now recommending Complementary Therapies to patients to help improve overall health .

Types of Reflexology available:-
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Facial Reflexology

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    Why Reflexology

    It is more important than ever to take time out for yourself in your busy sometimes stressful modern-day lifestyle. We sometimes get so wrapped up in work & looking after everyone else that we either forget or have no time to take time for ourselves.
    Reflexology is a RELAXING / CALMING Complementary Therapy that can be used to support you with your PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING.
    It encourages:-

  • Relaxation / Relieving Stress & Tension
  • Improved Mood
  • Better Sleep
  • More Energised
  • More Focused

    Additional benefits of Facial Reflexology

  • Leaves you with a healthy glow inside & out
  • Reduces lines & wrinkles

    Reflexology does not replace conventional medicine it works very well alongside it. Regular treatments can help make a difference to your overall well-being. Regular Reflexology treatments help relieve Stress & Tension encouraging relaxation and improved sleep patterns.

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    My Treatment Room

    I work from my relaxing garden treatment room in a quiet residential area in Hasland Chesterfield. S41 0SR. Close to the town centre and main link roads

    Treatment Room Facilities
    Treatment room overlooking the garden.
    Free Parking
    Side garden entrance leading directly into my tranquil treatment room
    A comfortable zero gravity treatment chair takes the pressure off all your muscles & joints
    Covid Secure Workplace

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    Established Reflexologist based in Hasland Chesterfield

    Friendly, Passionate Reflexologist based in Hasland Chesterfield

    Easily accessible from all areas in Chesterfield including:-
    Bolsover,Boythorpe, Brimington, Calow, Clay Cross, Dronfield,Grassmoor, Hasland, Hollingwood, Mansfield, Matlock, Newbold, Spital, Staveley, Walton, Wingerworth, Worksop.

    I am conveniently located to a number of towns on the outskirts of Chesterfield Derbyshire - less than 30 minutes from Mansfield, Matlock and Worksop.

    Close to junction 29 of the M1 and A617. Hassle free on street / drive parking.

    Treatment Pricing & Opening Times

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    My Training and Qualifications

    I trained in the Ingham Method of Reflexology at the International Institute Of Reflexology and qualified in 2016, which is the only school licensed to teach the Original Ingham Method of Reflexology®. The school was set up to preserve and continue the work of Eunice Ingham, who developed her foot Reflexology theory in the early 1930s and was the founder of modern-day Reflexology. Since then I have learnt and developed other reflexology techniques to enhance your treatment.
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    I am a "Member of the Association Of Reflexologists". This means I have to continually demonstrate I have met the strict standards for professional excellence in Reflexology Practice, as well as being committed to continually develop my skills and knowledge by completing a set number of CPD points (Continuous Personal Development ) each year in order to be able to remain a full member and have their continued support and professional advice.

    Contact Me

    Not sure if Reflexology is for you

    Please see my Frequently Asked Questions Page for more information on my services but if you have a question that is not answered or just want a more personal response then do feel free to email or give me a call on 07729 948344 for a chat
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Contact Me
    Please be assured you are under no obligation by contacting me.

    Local Reflexologist conveniently located in Hasland Chesterfield, close to surrounding towns of Mansfield, Matlock and Worksop

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